Here I am, writing my first post in my blog chronicling our experience trying to get pregnant. What a journey so far. As many women have said, you spend your whole life worrying about getting pregnant, then the rest of your life worrying about getting pregnant! Isn’t’ it the truth.

A little about me…I am a 38 year old Caucasian female of Northern European descent. I have never been pregnant, had an abortion, D/C, ectopic pregnancy or the like. In 2002 I had a pelvic laproscopy to remove a large 9cm ovarian cyst, a 7cm tubal cyst and a mass of adhesions. The biopsy from the surgery revealed endometriosis. Following the surgery, I had a series of ovarian cysts on both the right and left ovary, resulting in several ER visits. In an effort to control this issue, my ob/gyn placed me on continuous high dose (30mcg) bcp. This course of treatment quelled the cyst production to 1-2 per year.

Upon marriage in 2007, my husband (42 year old Caucasian Male of Northern European descent) and I decided to stop bcp and begin unprotected sex. After 13 months of continuous unprotected sex, and timed intercourse based on basal body temp readings, mucous changes and OTC ovulation predictor kits (for LH surge), we had not conceived. My ob/gyn recommended we continue trying, possibly with the help of Clomid, for a few more months. I felt differently, and pushed to see a fertility specialist ASAP.