During the Fall and Holiday of 2008 we received our test results.

My husband was told that his Semen Analysis was all within a normal range with one exception: He had a sperm count on the low side of normal. His count was 20 MIL/mL. Normal is 20 – 150 MIL/mL.

I was told that my FSH and Thyroid functions were within normal range (I was not told the numbers).

Based on these results, our doctor recommended we move straight to IUI. Her thought process that we simply needed help getting my husband’s sperm past my cervix (and its mucous) up to greet my egg.

To prepare for IUI I needed to have a hysterosalpingoram (HSG) to insure my fallopian tubes were clear, and there were no blockages or growths.

At this point, I had made an appointment with UCSF Medical Center. I really felt that we were going to need assistance beyond what everyone was expecting. I could feel it, even though everyone was telling me to not get ahead of myself. I was ok to do as many tests as we could with my current ob/gyn to prep, but knew we would need more.