My husband went to have his semen analysis, to “give his deposit” as we like to say. I told him not to touch anything 🙂 He said he wouldn’t need any magazines, he would just think about me. Sweet, but what a crock! He should take the opportunity to check it out, just make sure you sanitize!!!

His results read as follows:

Semen Volume: 5.5mL

Semen Color: White

Semen Viscocity: Liquified

Semen pH: 8.0

Sperm Motility: 64%

Sperm Normal Morph: 37%

Sperm Count / cc: 20 MIL / mL

All results here were fairly normal with the exception of sperm count. This was on the low side of normal at 20 MIL / mL. It should be 20 – 100 MIL / mL.

{sigh} We wondered if this was the issue…was my husband’s low sperm count the reason we hadn’t conceived? So far, I had fairly normal results.