I have never been SO excited to get my period. My husband, not so much. Before we started TTC, I was on continuous bcp, so we never had a break. THEN, when we were really trying naturally, we were on it all the time. POOR GUY. Do any of you really feel for him? No, I don’t either. 🙂 I do love him more than anything, though. Like I said before, even more than the Valentino handbag I want 🙂

As instructed, I called our coordinator, Janet {we LOOOOVE her} and got our instructions:

  1. Day One: Begin taking the Doxycycline
  2. Day Three: I needed to have all bloodwork done (dude, that is a lot of blood)
  3. Day Seven: We scheduled the saline sonogram

Okay, I feel like I am on my way. Happiness.

happy happy

happy happy