One of my friends said, in short:

“Oh, IVF, they do that all the time. Everyone is doing it! Apparently it doesn’t hurt any more than a root canal!”

would you like a root canal?

would you like a root canal?

ARE WE ON THE SAME PLANET? I swear, I thought I was speaking a different language to a complete alien.

So I am talking this week to a few of my close friend about this. Now you must know, all of my friends have children. ALSO, within the last two weeks, 4 of my good friends have told me they are pregnant. I couldn’t be happier for them. They are all wonderful mothers, and are extremely excited to be pregnant. In fact, one of my dearest friends has been trying for 4-5 years. After many miscarriages, she is in the clear. I love her so much, and am OVER THE MOON for her.

At the same time, as I talk to my mom, sister-in-law and girlfriends about this, they do all seem a bit blasé. Are they trying to downplay it to make me feel better? Do they just not understand how dire our situation has become? Maybe people only want to hear good news? In the end, it comes across as they are blowing me off. My own brother, who I think I am quite close to, didn’t even call me to discuss until I phoned him first. At times, I think I am being dramatic, over thinking it all, and having sky-high expectations for those around me. Finding a way to balance that has been near impossible for me this week. I am not working right now, and am on my own most days. This leaves much time to think and research. Time has been just creeping by.

The most redeeming part of my day is there is a new episode of LOST on tonight.