I remembered today that a year or so ago I started a blog. A way to chronicle my path to starting our family. Possibly a place for others to come and get information. But definitely not a blog I would need to revisit more than a year later, with no great progress to speak of.

So, where are we? How are things going?

Here’s the short story:

Our first round of IVF “took,” yet vanished quickly.

Our second round of IVF didn’t work.

I went back to work after spending a full year of trying to conceive, exercising, eating perfectly, and slowly becoming a different person.

After two full rounds of IVF, and several procedures chronicled here, we have 6 frozen embryos. Monday, May 17, 2010 we will have a FET with 3 embies.

After a year of working hard core, long hours, I am not working again.

There is much to update, but that is the short story.

Monday is a big day. Think thick!

I will have two full days of bed rest, and more updates to come. I have received great feedback, comments, and loving stories from the world. Thank you. There is no way to adequately express my gratitude. I just hope, and know, that all that have been through this know how deeply I feel towards all those who have had kind words.

And, a very special thank you to everyone who sent well wishes without telling me “to just relax and it will happen.”

hugs to all. xxoo.